Bruno Pedonesi Goldsmith

For over 50 years, "Bruno Pedonesi" is synonymous of handmade jewelry in Lucca.

The goldsmith tradition of our laboratory began in the '60s when a young Pedonesi Bruno begins this activity by learning the various tricks by expert craftsmen.
Over the years the work has changed as well as the management of the laboratory from father to son, but the passion and the importance of handmade work remained unchanged over time and have always characterized our creations.
From the initial local in via S. Giorgio, inside of a small laboratory, in 1986 the business moved to its present location in Piazza del Palazzo Dipinto, very close to the birthplace Giacomo Puccini's house and the beautiful Piazza San Michele.
Pedonesi Stefano was born in Lucca in 1975.
Since 1994 he is a goldsmith that makes repairs or creations of new objects in gold or silver, both classical and contemporary often in unique pieces combined precious metal with natural stones and using techniques ranging from cuttlebone casting to lost wax casting.
Since 1999 he has the management of the laboratory and, thanks to his passion for informatic technology, he created and manages the website online since 1997 with the new section of E-Commerce opened in 2006.


* Selftaught about creations and repairs of gold and silver jewellery

* Stone Setting Course by “Scuola Orafa Vicenza” (Ex Istituti Callegari)

* Courses by "Le Arti Orafe Accademy" in Lucca about stone setting, hard wax modelling and gemstone

* Workshop with the Italian artist Stefano Marchetti at "Le Arti Orafe Accademy" in Lucca about metal's micromosaic

Workshop with American artist Harold O'Connor about granulation in contemporary jewelry

* Course about gemstone by “Gemlab Viareggio”


* 2010: "Allez, du Galet!" Collective Exhibition - Collioure (France)

* 2012: "Behind the Brooch" Online Exhibition on Crafthaus website (only selected Italian artist)

* 2012: "Just Rings #1" Collective Exhibition at Violaine Ulmer Gallery - Toulouse (France)

* 2012: "Bulles" Collective Exhibition at Alliages Espace d'Art - Lille (France)

* 2012: "200 Bagues / 20 Créateurs" Collective Exhibition at Goutte de Terre Gallery - Paris (France)

* 2012: "ADVENTure Box" Collective Exhibition at Friends of Carlotta Gallery - Zurich (Switzerland)


* 2006 - 2008: Exposition of Lucca's artisans at "Lucca Preziosa" - Lucca

* 2007 - 2009 - 2011: National goldsmith contest "Nicola da Guardiagrele" - Chieti

* 2008 - 2009 - 2010: International exposition of artistic jewelry - Cassano d'Adda

* 2009 - 2010: "Agcpunto" Annual exposition of Contemporary Jewelery - Senigallia

* 2009: "Manifattura Milano" exposition of Design and Art Made in Italy – Milano

* 2009 - 2010 - 2011: "F-Utili Gioielli" Jewels auction for EMERGENCY organization – Firenze

* 2010: "Natura e Artificio" International exposition of artistic jewelry - Livorno

* 2010: "Tarì Eccellenze 2010" with Tarì Design Lab - Il Tarì Gold Center - Marcianise

* 2010: Bijoux d'Autore contest [2nd place] - Roma

* 2010: "Gioiellomodulare-modulare il gioiello" Collective exhibition at 105Art Gallery - Roma

* 2010 - 2012: "Filorosso" International biennial of contemporary jewels - Muggia

* 2011: Collective exhibition at Rossini Art Gallery - Lodi

* 2011: "Il Gioiello Etrusco Contemporaneo" Exhibition & Contest - Pontecagnano

* 2011: "TI-DO (ti dono)" Jewels auction for LIBERA association - Senigallia

* 2011: "Gioielli per la ricerca" Jewels auction for FiorGen - Firenze

* 2012: "Gioie da condividere" Jewels auction for Sonia - Roma

* 2012: Collective exhibition at Studio De Meo - Livorno

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